Full Spectrum Extractions


Full Spectrum Extractions are the most common extractions in the Cannabis World today. Although they are not the most effective forms of Cannabis concentrates, Full Spectrum Extractions are great for dabbing.

There are many different techniques used to create a Full Spectrum Extract. To name a few; CO2, Propane, Butane, Distillation, etc. Ethanol extractions can be categorized as Full Spectrum Extractions as well, but this method is commonly referred to as Complete Spectrum Extractions to avoid any confusion. If you are taking Cannabis orally then you will want your concentrates extracted with Ethanol to ensure effective results.

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Full Spectrum Extractions contain many of the compounds in the Cannabis plant. However, these extraction techniques don't keep the bonds intact which is responsible for the effectiveness of the Cannabis concentrate via the synerization of the compounds which is known as the Entourage Effect.

However, Full Spectrum Extractions tend to have low levels of plant matter and chlorophyll present making this type of oil perfect for dabbing. 'Dabbing' refers to when a surface is heated red hot and the concentrate is put on the heated material so that it can be inhaled. Since concentrates are a concentrated form of cannabis, often a dab will do you.

While THC is rather effective in an isolated molecule or with its terpene and additional cannabinoid counterparts, CBD oil needs to be extracted with Complete Spectrum Extraction (CSE) techniques to be effective. Furthermore, most CBD companies are extracting from Traditional fiber hemp genetics that don't present a Full Spectrum in the first place. In other words, only buy CBD Complete Spectrum Extracted oil if you care about the effectiveness of the product.

While new extraction techniques are being created every year, we hope that the community will be able to continue to push the envelope. Cannabis is the future and it is great to see the new advances in the industry!